A place where love is fully cultivated, creating the program "Energy exam season 2021" full of emotions of students in the Mien Dong

This year's high school graduation exam season took place in the context of localities across the country straining to prevent and control Covid-19. As usual every year, the Youth Union of the Mien Dong University of Technology cooperates with the local Youth Union to participate in the 2021 Exam Season Relay activity, however, there is a difference in the number of volunteers mobilized. less this year.

Volunteers of the Mien Dong University of Technology at the Dau Giay high school exam site.

According to the plan, the Executive Board of the Youth Union actively contacted and assigned 16 volunteers from the Mien Dong University of Technology to participate in the 2021 exam season relay at 6 exam locations in Thong Nhat district and Long Khanh city, Dong province. Nai (Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, each exam school only allocates 2 Volunteers along with the local Youth Union to support the candidates).

This year, Thong Nhat district and Long Khanh city have 2500 candidates taking the national high school exam. To support the candidates in this exam, the volunteers who shared were present very early at 6 test sites, giving away more than 800 bottles of hand sanitizer, 1500 bottles of drinking water, 1000 medical masks, and providing support. medical control, temperature measurement, hand sanitizer spray for candidates, traffic coordination… In addition, volunteers also support candidates with necessary items and items, such as: : Atlat, calculator, pen, writing... Guiding and consulting the necessary information about the exam for candidates and parents on activities to ensure the principles of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control...

Spray hand sanitizer.


Take the student's temperature before entering the exam room.

The volunteers also support the forces on the spot at points about security and order, traffic safety, guide and divide traffic to ensure traffic safety at high school graduation exam points, secret areas. High traffic levels around the test sites. Instruct parents to pick up and drop off students to keep a safe distance during the epidemic season and comply with measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

The exam took place successfully and well with the expectations of the parents, the joy of the candidates and above all the love and support of the volunteers and the medical force, local police, leaving the exam season safe and effective.

For candidates who want to use their academic records for admission, you can refer to MUT's university admissions information HERE.


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